Our Mission

Chettiar Paper industries an expert independent organization with a  mission to work for a fair, just, and safe business for all customers and to empower customers by delivering the best product in the industry in terms of  Value, Quality that  results in dedicated and a long term relationship.


Chettiar Paper Industries (CPI) Is a well recognized icon for MANUFACTURING of “Victory Brand” Packaging materials used in Corrugated, Automobile, Firework and many more industries.  CPI Is capable of providing all kind of Industrial packaging material, Bituminised water proof Kraft Paper, Laminated Hessian Cloth Jute Rolls & Sheets and Poly Lamination on extrusion BASIS.

A major advantage that CPI is low operating costs, the benefits of which are passed on to the valuable customers.

At Chettiar Paper industries, we strongly believe in customer satisfaction and the result of such is long standing relationship with them.

 Our mission is to give more than our customer's expectations by providing adapted customer concern; Appropriate and complete deliveries; constant product & pricing; and a stress-free order process. We have furnished an Eco-friendly vigorous atmosphere for our employees. Through which the employees can feel the comfort an homespun

THE WORKING ENVIRONMENT AT OUR FACTORY IS an Eco-friendly atmosphere for our employees which results in a comfortable and efficient work atmosphere.

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